3D Printing Shenanigans - Honeywell 1831 Thermostat Mounting Backplate


Wendell tasked me with creating a replacement backplate for a Honeywell thermostat.

What it’s replacing:


Find it here:


The first thing I did, was figuring out how much space I needed in the middle (1) to save filament, but (2) it wasn’t needed. The top is a catch for the latch on top of the thermostat, and the two bottom hooks are to go in the gaps in the bottom of the thermostat. If you put the bottom pegs in first, then lower the top to the two clips, it should fit and stay on the back.

I don’t a reference picture because Wendell has already used it to mount the thermostat.

Object File

Honeywell 1831 Backplate final.zip (2.4 KB)

Gcode File

Honeywell 1831 Backplate.zip (104.4 KB)

This took about 45 minutes to print with draft settings on our Prusa 3D printer.