2x2 DisplayPort switch changes multi-monitor layout

I’m using a DisplayPort 1.4 switch to switch between my Linux and Windows box. Both OSs automatically reconfigure their screen layout when a change is detected. In my use case, this is considered undesirable behaviour.

I’m aware of the Level1Techs DP/HDMI splitter thing that clones EDID data. Throwing money at the issue might be a solution for later. I’d prefer saving the 400 bucks and German import tax for 4 of those, though. It’s such a stupid issue, because it’s all software - that’s all that needs to be properly configurable.

The link in this post works reliably in Ubuntu 20.10 on the Linux box.

Now i need a reliable method for Windows 10. (pro 20H2)

I’m using an RTX 3090 and the Game Ready driver. It’s not a mobile platform, and the Transient Multi-Monitor Manager (TMM) is nowhere to be found. So, this doesn’t apply.

This superuser.com thread contains a screenshot of the Nvidia control panel, and suggests that the driver supports manual / file based handling of EDID stuff. This function is not visible in the Game Ready driver. Someone said you’d need a Quadro for that.

Who knows how to persuade Windows 10 pro 20H2 or the Nvidia driver to retain the multi-monitor layout config, even when some or all monitors turn off / disconnect?


Edit the registry there are threads about this on here

I might need to correct myself - i’ve mentioned this (Linux monitor disconnect with KVM - #3 by k3g) as a reliable solution for Linux (Ubuntu 20.10) …turns out, it’s not. The screen/monitor layout still reconfigures “itself” automagically - it’s annoying.

I’m running an RX 5500 XT with the Ubuntu onboard drivers.

I’ve tried installing the proprietary drivers - no cigar on 20.10 - those are meant for 20.04 LTS. sigh (dkms fails to compile, or something)