2 Tesla K40cs and an RTX 3090. I want it to work. Is there any way?

I have an Asus Sage SE paired with the 3955wx. I’ve recently come across a couple of Tesla K40cs that I’d like to run and experiment with alongside my 3090. What can I do to run both of these things together without driver conflicts? This is the hardware I have and the goal is to use this stuff and not something else. Any tips on how to make this niche build function will be much appreciated.

you have to use a near lauch date driver or have your linux-fu leveled up enough to create virtual machines with passed through hardware

for windows, first DDU all Nvidia drivers, then, install the tesla driver, then install, but not clean install the GeForce driver

alternatively there is a bit newer studio driver

there are newer drivers the k40 can use but for best compatibility, use the same version

keep in mind the k40 has a really old cuda version that isn’t supported by stable diffusion
the 3090 received a driver update that prevented itself from comiting sudoku

remember that amazon game that killed cards, yeah that was a driver update that fixed that

please please consider using at least maxwell cards, m40 can be had cheap and you get a much more newer driver
sincerly the guy that made this thread

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Thank you, I’ll give this a shot.

I previously installed the drivers after using ddu and turned off auto install before but either the 3090 or the k40cs would give me an error in the driver manager.

I think it must’ve been the mismatched driver versions.