10Gbit switch for home use ... it's still a mess!

I am currently running direct connections from my two desktop systems to my NAS which has a dual port Intel 10Gbit card. That works … but I want more.

10Gbit cards are affordable these days and work just fine without active cooling. So what about a switch then? So far I haven’t seen anyone offering a solution for this? Does that still not exist?

The closest I have seen so far are the two Buffalo switches, 8 and 12 ports, but loud. Maybe someone has done a mod on one of those?

I want: 8 ports or more, all 10Gbit, all RJ45, basically silent.


Netgear XS708Ev2
And cut the cables from the fans. :wink:

You will probably need to replace the fans. In a similar style …

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Whats your price range? (They really arent much cheaper then the individual nics, so expect $100 per port on average)

It would be a bit expensive for 8 ports. :wink:
The main problem will probably be noise. Cheap, passive, 8 copper ports not SPF+ … rather not too much of this on the market. Most are spf+.

Maybe NETGEAR XS508M 7 copper and one SFP +. Only one fan would have to be modified. Around $ 400.

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Here’s a list of switches available with 8 or more 10Gb RJ45. Prices start at around €350, good for making a list of products to research ones requirements.

There are two passively cooled on the list, too expensive though

Yeah depends on feature set and brand there are cheaper ones out there, the NETGEAR XS508M is $600 on amazon right now in the US, region really depends a lot not to say you couldn’t find that one a bit cheaper

Which ones?


Found them. Those are modules, not stand-alone devices.

Ah, didn’t notice, just saw the price. Can do a lot of good mods for that amount.

Maybe instead of 8, choose 4. and Instead of copper, opt for SPF+, Mikrotik crs305-1g-4s+in. And DAC Cables…


Nope. It’s RJ45 or bust. My boards have it, my Intel cards have it. No SFP+!

The Netgear ones are pretty much on par with the Buffalo devices I mentioned earlier. So it looks like nothing has changed over the last year or so.

I don’t understand why it takes so long for this tech to trickle down to consumer devices. I mean gigabit has been around for how long now? 20 years?

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Then buy Mikrotik CRS309-1G-8S+IN and eight Mikrotik S+RJ10 10Gbps copper SFP+ module and pin it with cat7. You will have what you want. Eight 10G ports on RJ45 copper and no fans. Only do you have $$$750 …



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That might work. It is the first solution I’ve seen that wouldn’t require modding. :+1:

Fully passive, there is also the smaller four-port one. And you can buy SPF + copper separately if you don’t need all 8 ports right away.

But it won’t be cheap. There is simply no market yet. Most people at home do not need 10G. In addition, 10G consumes a lot of power and, therefore, heats up, so passive solutions are not popular at all.

The issues is its very expensive to feed that network connection in order to saturate it,(remember nvme is still probably small % of market, maybe SATA ssd has tie with spinning rust) so vast majority have no real gain.

It’s the other way around. Even SATA SSDs are 5x gigabit speed. Just one of those is capable of maxing out gigabit, 2.5Gbit as well as 5Gbit. (And none of those standards will last)

At this point in time still not having 10Gbit networking easily and cheaply available is disappointing.

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Maybe ask Wendell, maybe he’ll give you too… :wink:


Yeah but most people dont raid, fuck most people only use wifi (I run 10gbe in my home network just trying to give perspective of regular users)

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That might be the main reason, yeah. Although that might not be the case if copper would be that much faster again. … and internet wouldn’t still suck.

Kind of a multiple chicken and multiple egg problem.

I never asked for a cheap solution. It’s obviously difficult enough to find one at all. :wink:

That video helped, thanks!

So how much do you want to spend on this switch maximum?

4x https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XQBFHNL