1070 vs 480

Still digging at gpu's. I'm between a 480 and a 1070. Besides price, with both being 8gb cards that I am buying for a streaming machine, what is the general opinion between the 2? If I go after the nv route what are going to be negatives? Same for amd. This is going to be in machine for streaming only for probably a few years so I'm going to be gaming and rendering out video to pass off to a video editing machine afterwards. 1440p will probably be as high as I go in res probably ever unless I go 1600x1200 x6 displays. But by that point anything is possible.

Eitherway, what would be better for 6 years out. Its less futureproof more I just don't want to buy another card.

For you my friend it has to be AMD. Why? Because AMD are far more likely to support their card for longer than Nvidia and also far more likely to support the development of Open Source drivers.

..this can of course be double-edged blade. Right now my 980 Ti works on newer Linux Distros & FreeBSD with Blob drivers, whereas my R9 280X can only use older AMD Blob's, older Linux kernels or Windows.

I'm on the fence at the moment, because I could replace my 980 Ti with an R9 Fury and sell the 980 Ti for at least £100 more than a brand new Fury would cost. I can then use the Fury with Fedora 25 on the newer Open Source drivers so no need to taint the kernel...


performance wise the 1070 beats he rx 480 by a decent margin. my zotac will hit 2012 clock speed without overclocking on stock voltage at 63C. this is a enthusiast card for the next 5 years. however their is the whole micron memory bullshit.

amd does better on linux drivers, and amd will support the drivers longer, and amd will age better in general. however i don't think their will ever be be a time where the 480 will outperform the 1070. for 1440p if you have freesynch get amd, but maybe wait for vega. the 480 for budget pc's is amazing, but it's a budget card not a enthusiast card. it can play 1440p but you arent going to be playing every game at max settings at 1440p for the next 5 years and not have to choose between lowering the graphics settings, or taking a fps hit. amd is rumored to be coming out with a enthusiast card in vega that will be the "next 5 years" card.

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It would be a tough choice if it were 1060 vs 480. But the 1070 is a no-brainer.
Even if AMD supports the 480 for much longer than Nvidia does the 1070, the latter will still be much more powerful even on severely outdated drivers.

Even if you get one with the "bad" Micron memory (such as my own MSI 1070), it's not an issue as long as you don't overclock the card (which is a bit silly nowadays anyway, GPUboost 3.0 does a pretty decent job)

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The two really aren't comparable. Two completely different classes and price points.

The 1070 is significantly more expensive and significantly more powerful.

So decide how much you want to spend and go from there.


1070 or wait for the AMD 490 and pray it is not a dual gpu.

480 !!! Support AMD !

( I own a GTX970 ) :(

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I just got a 480. I've been on AMD for years, not because I'm a 'fanboy' because the price comparison. That being said I own a GTX Titan as well, only have it under the right circumstances (i.e. got it for 200$ from a friend), but I'm more of a price to performance person. I sold a friend the 280x because, well, years later AMD's drivers still perform very well for that card.

GTX1070 is of course the better card.
And Nvidia also offers a tool for streaming i believe?

Nvidia does offer Shadowplay, but it's not as good as OBS. I don't think I have come across one Twitch streamer that uses Shadowplay.

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If you're just gaming at 1080p a 4GB 480 will be fine and probably be the best value

Seems to mostly be useful if you want to capture game footage with a lower end 4 thread CPU

shadowplay has a really good footprint compared to obs. it's built into the gpu drivers and works well. obs has better features but takes more cpu horsepower.

You can use GPU acceleration in it with AMD or Nvidia, Nvidia's thing is built in though, no clue why OBS doesn't focus on Open CL acceleration of some kind, because free software

That would be great and all if this was a one sided ordeal and 4 GB vram would be enough :P

I might include the 1060 as its basically a 980/ti.

Then probably a 480 8gb, this XFX one is $230 atm

As for your display upgrade, I'd just jump to 4k when you can man so you never have to replace your display, AOC has a 28" 4k free-sync display at $300

Problem here is that you've picked two cards in completely different price and performance brackets. x80 AMD cards have always been targeted squarely at the x60 Nvidia cards. Of course the 1070 is quite a lot faster, but it's also not a fair competition because their price and performance tiers are miles away from each other.

If you need a 1070 competitor, it doesn't exist yet unless you plan on getting a Fiji-based card. Either wait for the 490, get the 1070 or settle for the 480, which will happily max out most titles at 1080p.


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You sure you don't have that the other way around?

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im not sure now