1070 vs 480


I think than what you meant :D

dunno lol, 980ti seems to beat 1070 bout half the time at 4k, least in the early benchmarks, so id assume just remove the '>' in the middle :p but idk XD.

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GTX 1070 > GTX 1060 > RX 480

However, RX 480 has Async.

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I'd say the 480 and 1060 now are about equals. All things considered their difference is within the margin of error. Some games the 1060 wins, some the 480s wins. Get a better OCing card then one wins, ect.... I think the 1060 is a little expensive though.

Also 6GBs of VRAM is lame. I mean yeah it is enough but really nViida? Couldn't have thrown that extra 2GB on there?


"well, we could have but then it would have ran slow and we wouldn't have told anyone until someone figured it out, and then we'd get sued, all the while claiming it was a miscommunication". - Nvidia response.

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Now understand my reply will be a bit bias so take it for what it is worth.

First lets look at your needs. For streaming most stay at 1080 so they can make use of capture cards. From a gaming perspective the 1070 is more powerful but the gaming experience difference is negligible. Also the performance advantage the 1070 offers begin t0 shrink as you move into DX12 gaming.

Comparisons of the two are actually not all the useful because of the price difference as well as performance. the 1070 is $150 more expensive right now on Newegg comparing the lowest cost 8 GB model for each. This pricing puts the 480 at only about 60% of the cost of a 1070. If the 1070 was not a faster card I would be upset, so the issue at hand is not really which is faster, it is which fits your budget better for the use.

Another advantage the 480 offers is at 1080P you can get a Freesync monitor, have an INCREDIBLE gaming experience and do it for around a 20% price bump over a 1070 alone. At this price point NVidia has NO combination of monitor and video card that can match the 480 @ 1080 with Freesync.

Now I am not going to say the 1070 is a bad card, it is not. What I am saying is for most gamers the 480 card and the entire eco system with monitor Delete repeated word a getter gaming experience to cost value.

I thought the R9 280/X was against the GTX 770. and the R9 290/X was against the GTX 780, but then they dropped a tier since they rebranded. After all, a R9 270X is keeping up with a GTX 760, in fact, some new games, the 270X was winning.

I really like my 1070, however recently I've really been soured on the overbearing nature of what the GFE/driver experience has turned into. I'm not okay with necessary logins, data mining, and their ridiculous License prohibiting users with more than one Nvidia based computer.

you have this:

Then you have this

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I had a laugh !

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It is a bit muddy - the 7970 was meant to be the 680's competitor and demolished the 670 in basically everything, the 680 became the 770 and the 7970 became the 280X. Then the 380 was made to compete against the 960 (which it did very well against), and the 480 was introduced to go against the 1060.

So you're right. it hasn't always been that way. But it's become the trend for now.