? 10 Port | 8X2.5G+ 2x 10G SFP(VLAN) poe+ Unmanaged Network Switch, with One-Key VLAN?

does anyone make a

10 Port | 8X2.5G+ 2x 10G SFP(VLAN) poe+ Unmanaged Network Switch, with One-Key VLAN

for under 375$ ish 400$ max my budget limit that also covers shipping ?

i found a 6 port ver from

NICGIGA ther 6 Port 2.5G Ethernet Switch with 4X 2500Mbps + 2X 10G SFP Uplink Port , Unmanaged, One-Key VLAN

an while i thought about getting 2 with the 2nd as a poe variant with one-key-vlan
which would cover the 4 poe devices i have nicgiga doesn’t have one

because either amazon doesn’t carry one from them or they dont have one at all
so if anyone could point me to one from them an or a similar priced brand like SODOLA or YuanLey
that would be great

the reason i need one like this is it suits my needs

in the past i used to have a 5 port aumox SG305P with poe an one key vlan an it did my setup at the time very well especially the one key vlan solved a lot of issues i had with my network setup an gear

but now that iv upgraded all my pc’s ,AP’s , & home servers to a mix of 2.5 & 10gbit connects a switch that matches is needed

an the nicgiga almost fits the bill but is shy the 4 extra 2.5gbit ports i need.

an while getting two would technicality solve this problem
my overall reason for wanting just one with the stated config an amount of ports

is this , iv got one big cyberpower ups battey backup that covers all eight units of
my network setup an thers not room for a ninth.

an id like to stick with a unmanaged switch but wouldnt be oppesed to a managed on like the
SODOLA 8-Port Gigabit/10G POE Switch Managed, 150W,160Gbps Bandwidth,BT90W Supported Smart Web Managed

thats in my max price range of 400$

i just give up on doing a vlan setup myself because i ovously didnt know how to do it right when i tried with my current

EnGenius Fit EWS2910P-FIT (the one im going to replace)

hence why id prefer a one key vlan option with the stated ports an config.

so can you guys help me out ?

My to be layout after upgrade (currently all running at 1gbit with no vlan)

I have a
TL-SG3210XHP-M2 (v2.6 all hardware issues seem fixed in this one had to RMA first two they gave me which were the early gen this one was solid but had a major switch upgrade hence the 3 listed here) - $250 + Shipping (guessing $50 shipping US)

Managed POE switch


Netgear Prosafe MS510TXPP - $350 Shipped (bit easier config as web gui) But 1 SFP 1 Copper for the 10g links

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i just now remembered that thers not room for the 4th poe cam in the stated setup

which is ok as the 4th is for my inside which i can do without

so what do you’ll think about this setup an would it work

id drop the printer from the battery backup to free up a plug spot