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1 Year Linux Challenge



I don’t like out of date Repo’s and kernel’s. They don’t manage any of that. Plus you don’t get a good implementation of the current driver stack on mint.


well it is certainly your right to choose :slight_smile:
I do not mind a bit older kernel if over all my setup is stable and works well.


It’s meant for the normies; chill out dude.




Hi - my name is Cotton and I like to do badass shit with Linux

Is that okay to say around here?


Sure :)~


For me, it’s more of a “it just works” thing.

I hate posting this because I just installed Fedora the other day and made a post about how excited I was about how easy it is to set up…well…I’m back to Windows. All sorts of bullshit went down after everything was installed and I got all my games and software on it that I needed. I’d type it all out here in detail, but it’d take too long.

Long story short, I spent two evenings trying to fix shit when I could have been gaming, editing photos, updating my website, etc. When I got home from work today I did a fresh install of Windows and had everything back to how it was (not including large game downloads) within an hour.

Could it be partly because I’m not as knowledgeable about Linux? The fixing part, yes. But that’s not the point I’m making. My point is that I very rarely have to fix anything with Windows, and when I do have to fix it it’s because I broke it, not because an official update made it so that I couldn’t even get to the login screen.

I’m not hating on Linux. I’d LOVE to run it on every computer I own. But the only time I’ve ever not had issues with it was on laptops with integrated graphics. I ran Xubuntu on my old HP Envy M6 before I got rid of it, and I’m still exclusively running Antergos on my Lenovo T420 because it works perfectly.


Sad story :frowning: I would normally recommend a dual boot with two different drives to play, learn, and roll distros but you already have long history with linux to start.


I know what you mean.

Linux like windows and mac, is a tool. And not one single tool is best suited for every job. You can program, trouble shoot, and do anything technical on linux, but to be creative, get lost.

The linux community is full of nerds, not artists. Which is sad, because I happen to like both fields.


Same here. Linux definitely satisfies my tinkerer side. I love trying to figure new things out. But the problem is once I’m ready to go back to gaming and work, everything is broken :laughing: (in the case of my desktop). So for me, I have it on a separate computer. My reasons for wanting to ditch Windows are purely ethical, but my feelings aren’t so strong that I’m willing to switch exclusively to a system that I’m constantly having to fix.


If you have to constantly fix your system then what the hell are you doing to break it constantly?

Distros rarely break themselves on their own.


Distros rarely break themselves on their own. Unless, that’s their purpose.

Edit: Just read your previous post and I see the problem. You were running fedora.


Isn’t Fedora meant to be used as a test bench for the latest stuff? Also they release new version every 6 months. I mean who the hell wants to re-install their main workstation twice a year. I only clean mine from dust once a year.


For Fedora:

  • sudo dnf update
  • restart
  • everything is laggy as hell
  • restart
  • boot with old kernel
  • everything seems to be working fine now, except WiFi has magically started kicking me off every 15 minutes or so. If I try to go into the WiFi settings, the computer freezes. If i try to launch Rocket League, the computer freezes. If I try to launch LoL, the computer freezes. If I have more than two things going on at the same time, the computer freezes.


This reminds me of @fredrich_nietze. lol.

But I shouldn’t be laughing. We were all there at one point.


i’ve only done it twice… and the second time was my ssd’s fault.


I know. I’m only joking. :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the problem with Fedora?

Yes, it’s upstream for RHEL

The update process is seamless. if you do it with every release. I find that people who use/add repositories that do not stay up to date end up with tons of issues. RpmFusion and Negativo are 2 of the best for non-free stuff. Pretty much all you need.

I haven’t had these problems, since I started using good repo’s


I am using Manjaro Linux 17.1.1 and have done for soon a week I am up for this challenge. I will use Linux for a year or even more! Let’s go then ! come with tips n tricks if you want and write to me , I am studying a lot of tech at this moment and Linux is in there :rofl:


You can do it!

Don’t let your dreams be memes!


Thanks man!