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1 Year Linux Challenge



have to agree with Dynamic_Gravity, Fedora is not for faint hearted or nubes :slight_smile:

I have tried Fedora several times. Even tried the Kororra fork.
overall impression is good but when you try running it for a bit all hidden “gems” come out to play.

that said, I am not a big gamer, so your needs may greatly
and over differ than mine. thus except for gaming, Linux Mint 17 and over works very very well for me.

I have been running Mint 17.0 / 17.1 / 17.2 and now 17.3 on my main PC at home for the last 8+ years. I believe I started with 16 and move up. very rarely do I have to fix anything.

it’s all “just works” , sounds familiar right :slight_smile: ,

the only issues I ever had are:
#1. Printer support. some printers work better than others, some a big pain in the … to install and use.
HP mostly works but very terrible mfg support.
best support I found so far are Brother printers except install is via CLI script for best setup. that is my biggest issue as I hate CLI.

#2. sometimes have issues mounting removable storage. works most of the time but on some occasion simply refuse to mount the drive. have to drop to CLI. but rarely enough to be annoying but not a big issue.

#3. related to #2 but using smartphone. some time works ok , some time will not see the phone storage at all.

#4 is related to #3 as in tools to work with smartphone are mostly Windows based. and no alternative for Linux exists or
they are not as easy to use as windows based.

other than that I love using Linux in comparison to windows.


I can help with that try out KDE Connect even though its KDE app it works ok on Cinnamon ( I guess you are with it ). Just remember your phone and your computer both must have the app and be in the same network for it to work.

You can transfer files, have media keys, receive notification, mute incoming calls, and have virtual mouse and keyboard. Pretty useful when watching a show and being lazy on the bed.


thanks TekSmile,
you are right, I use Cinnamon.
but when I say tools and app I mean tools to flash the phone to custom ROM , stuff like that.
for the most part I can get the things like pictures and other data in and out of the phone but mounting it as usb data store. it works well 99% of the time.

but for phone jailbreaking , custom rom flashing recovery tools. very little exists that work on Linux natively and have a nice GUI


Oh I didn’t catch you on that, yes most if not all tools i know are CLI based.


don’t I know :slight_smile:
and using Wine is not an option as most tools simply not work with Wine properly.


From my experience Fedora is horrible. Manjaro Linux (Nice as hell), ArchLinux (Awesome too) and then you have Debian (Decent Nooby Dist).

I gave you three good choices there and if you need some help with terminal commands then you just download a nice cheat sheet and you’re good to go.

and github is you’re friend for fixes.

Also don’t focus on GUI on stuff just use the terminal and a good one atleast according to me is guake.


Does it still count if I have been using Linux for over a year? I started out using Ubuntu, moved to Arch, then Gentoo, Fedora for about half a year, and now I’m on OpenSuse tumbleweed, and I think I will stay here for the foreseeable future.


Yep. And good choices by the way.


My only problem so far with OpenSUSE is that YAST doesn’t work in Wayland without running

xhost +SI:localuser:root

It works fine after that, but it’s just slightly inconvenient. I do love the fact that YAST has an SMB GUI.


Maybe post your problem in The small linux problem thread


I wouldn’t have thought to put it there, I already have a solution, but then again, if anyone else has this problem, it would be of help to them, thanks for the idea @Goalkeeper.


While it’s not exactly a primary rig, I’ve decided to invest in a modern laptop since NewEgg had a sale on the ASUS ZenBook 3 Deluxe UX490UA, and my every intention was to wipe the SSD clean and install linux.

Considering it’s easier for me to do this with a laptop than a desktop due to my needs (Windows 8.1 being the latest version of Windows I’m willing to use), I can essentially learn anywhere I want with the laptop on hand.

So I’ve chosen Fedora 27, and this isn’t my first adventure with linux, but I am by no means an expert. I’ve used Ubuntu in the past and many times had opted for OpenSuse, and some slight experience in Debian.

So far I’m very well pleased with how well things work out of the box, other than having to do some tweaks to get the volume control to work on the ZenBook.

Desktop environments, I’ve usually really like KDE, but I’ve been starting to really favor Gnome a lot these days. (Funny though, considering many years ago I didn’t care for it, and here I am practically loving it.).

Though my next choice of DE would be XFCE, because I could customize it and make my system identical to Windows 3.1 GUI. Which honestly is the OS I grew up on, and I still love the appearance.

Another one that I would love to use, because I’m really into retro computers and operating systems, is the MaXX Interactive Desktop, which is based on the old IRIX unix operating system back in the day when SGI was really big into the workstation industry. Screenshot here:

Though it doesn’t seem ready for primary use, but I can’t help but love it still.

In the end though, I’m really wanting to at least push onward and use this machine for linux for a long time. :slight_smile:


I think openbox, motif, fluxbox, or JWM would be able to that as well. Motif looks almost exactly what you want.

Also, congrats on making the switch back. And I hope you do use linux for a long time.


Wait, a samba gui?


I agree with everything you said,
My favorite about Debian is the net installer (or any distro with a net installer) where i can pretty much install anything that i want from the installer like gnome to kde, and 6 other desktops. You can just run the terminal, but for me I just simply use i3wm and XFCE.

I am happy. and it uses nothing, its one of my favorites and I can never leave Linux because of the choices that i can have.


Hi All,

This is more of a hello post more than anything. First time posting on the Level1Techs forum - first time posting on a non-gaming forum actually in… not sure how many years :stuck_out_tongue:

Been watching L1T for a while now. Love the weekly news show. Appreciate all the helpful, yet somehow still kind and down-to-earth videos. Sorry for the rambling excessive gushing (/ω\)

Anyway, Windows is what brought me here. Today, Win10 finally tricked me into accepting the update it’s been bugging me about for the last few months (not sure if I was just tired after work or what, but I feel like it switched the position of the cancel and accept buttons on me). That was basically the last straw. Gonna take on the 1-Year Linux Challenge.

The various options seem really daunting (as I’m sure it must be for lots of Linux beginners). I can tell I have a lotta reading to do. At the same time, I can already tell it’s probably more reading than I have the patience for, so I’ll probably end up rolling the dice, picking one that seems okay, and just diving in. Specifically, I’m going to try installing Linux on a spare Win7 ultrabook I have via one of those Linux USB thumbdrive installers I skimmed through in the Distro Guide thread. After that it’ll be time to convert the Win10 desktop (6700K+Geforce 970). And finally a new Ryzen machine later this year.

I’m sure I’ll have tons of annoying questions to ask, so hello and apologies in advance :slight_smile:


Might be a stupid question. but why didn’t I get new 1YLC badge?


It says only 8 people have it? While there’s 107 users who completed it.


PM a Mod. @MisteryAngel and or @Eden


Oh, it’s a manual process… nvm then.


Yeah those badges are given manually by us.
If users just pm a mod, they will get the badge if they accomplish the challange.

Anyways i gave you the badge, so you should have yours now. :wink: