1 Year Linux Challenge

Not since you use java.

If you use it more than your desktop I would say so.
Also if you just use windows for gaming.

Been a linux user since 2010. Still using Windows as my gaming system. Playing a lot of games.
I Run Fedora workstation, A Centos server,A Debian Server, freebsd(my pfsense router).
i know about play on linux but never really got into it. Because i only play games via steam.

I hate to admit to this but I started this challenge in march 2016, but I have just been too lazy to register. Started with Arch, been using Antergos for a few months because of curiosity and will be going back to Arch. I do miss a few games but I am much happier using Linux.

Started the challenge in Oct. 2015 and love linux. I still have a Windows drive I play games on but my desktop pc boots to linux on default and my laptop in linux only. I have done a bit of Distro hopping but I keep going back to Linux Mint. I find it’s stable and easy to use. I am grateful that Wendell made those early videos on Linux and sparked my interest to try it.

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Still unsure how this is a challenge.


me neither. :slight_smile:
I have been running Linux Mint for the last 8+ years.
started with 16.2 or 3 and moved to 17.
no lan to move to 18.3 when get the time.

mind you, I still use windows at work. and my wife does to,
but at home we share PC and use Mint.

Love it!

there is a very little occurrences where I really need Windows.

This is a sad day indeed. x3

Because windows is easy and works with everything.

For my job, full time Linux was not possible. I use it when I can, for certain things, but I use Windows 10 Pro for majority of my work.

Office: LibreOffice has come a long, long way, but it is still not fully compatible with Microsoft Office products. VLookups, Macros, and certain Excel functions do not crossover. The PowerPoint compatibility is shameful, my team and I were embarrassed slightly due to the lack of quality and animation our presentation had, created in LibreOffice, ran on Microsoft Office.

Fonts & Compositing: As a web developer, I was ecstatic when given the opportunity to work in Linux full time. However, even in the Ubuntu operating system, there are some glaring compositing issues. In other systems, Debian, Fedora, and Arch, I had issues with fonts rendering properly or not at all, even with the font package installed or extracted into the correct path. Thus, I do a great deal of my work sshfs’d into a Linux server or on Windows 10 Pro or OS X.

I do not want to derail the thread, as I do love Linux and I use it every day. However, it is no longer my “”“daily driver”"", which has caused me to fail the 1 Year Linux Challenge.

and why is it a sad day?

Really want to know…

Anything is easy when it works.

and I do use windows, at work.
I have a mix of Win7 and 10 PCs that I support as well as several 2012 R2 Servers. AD/DC/DHCP/DNS.

but at home I am only Linux now and have no issues running it.

To be more specific its easy because people already know windows. People are generally lazy and not interested in learning something new.


Mint is always out of date and doesn’t give a shit.

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compared to what?

I find Mint a very capable and usable distro.

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that I can agree with :slight_smile:

Technically, its an LTS of an LTS. So its like Centos/RHEL except from ubuntu.

Its totes fine for casual usage.

I don’t like out of date Repo’s and kernel’s. They don’t manage any of that. Plus you don’t get a good implementation of the current driver stack on mint.

well it is certainly your right to choose :slight_smile:
I do not mind a bit older kernel if over all my setup is stable and works well.