1 Year Linux Challenge

I switched to BSD for file and media storage (FreeNas) before I ever switched to Linux on my daily driver...., so I have over two years in BSD, I tried the desktop version PC-BSD but at the time it just didn't meet my needs.

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It was never really built for desktop tbh, though TrueOS is making a valiant effort recently.

I think I can put something together

I am doing good with the 1 Year Linux Challenge. Hell I am over 1 year since I used that POS OS! LOLINUX! FFS!

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Wow good job got eem

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So epick XD

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Hey everyone.

For those of you who've completed the challenge (and those who are still doing it) Have a look here as well. Its a little extra side quest. Pass it alone to anyone who's completed or on the challenge :D

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Guess I joined:


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I'm waiting for the challenging part, lol.

IKR, what the forums really need is a LFS install challenge.


Pff LSF is an annoying book.


I must confess that Wendell, in the Tek Syndicate days, is the reason that I decided to make a move to Linux, and holy crap, pair learning Linux and pursuing a Computer Science degree at the same time and it's an awesome experience! I have been using Ubuntu mostly, recently switching all of my machines from the Unity desktop flavor to Gnome 3. I have been using some version of Linux for over a year now as my main OS.

The road of Linux, and studying/coding for school assignments on Linux, or GNU/Linux, has taught me more than I believe I would have learned using simple IDE's and Windows alone. Let me explain, while using Ubuntu I learned: the command line, file system organization, the open-source movement and philosophy, networking, Emacs (holy-shit-awesome), among other programming tools, and generally why most things are the way they are.

The most amazing lessons/advantages of Linux:
- Lack of gaming support leads to less distractions
- Open-source software documentation/support is usually better than proprietary variants
- Support from forums (usually by reading previously answered questions) is AMAZING!
- Open source software = example code/projects!!!!!!

  • Learning to use Linux in a Windows environment forces you to learn new things
    • for example:
      • using virtual machines
      • dual booting
      • how to use a text editor (arguably the best for a student developer)
      • HOW TO ADAPT.

But I wanted to find the proper thread and properly thank @wendell for his Linux evangelism, for without it, I would be a lowly Windows user, wondering why Visual Studio wasn't usable on all machines. After using Linux as my main OS in my Junior and current Senior years, I cannot understand why using Linux in the Computer Science department is not universal, or at least advising students to use the system just to teach the basics of current computing.


not me but for inspiration if you are holding back

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I've been away for a while and didn't get involved on this forum in the Tek Syndicate days as I intended. Ok So I'm on year 15 or 16 or so of using Linux as my main OS. I've gone from Redhat 7 (Pre Fedora days) through Fedora Core 2 to SLES8/9/10, Ubuntu 8.04 - 16.10. As a Sysadmin I manage RHEL, Amazon Linux and Ubuntu. I had a Mac forced on me at my previous job but thankfully my current employers are more forward thinking. I've also used Windows 10 with Ubuntu shell which is practical and better than using Putty but I'm most at home with the Penguin.

He does run WINE on some games... :/

He's just showing options, and that its not that hard to game on there with steam

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Is the challenge still open?


I believe the OP is no longer around tho. So you would have to get a mod to add your name to the list.

Gotcha. Thanks!

Where can I find a mod? Just curious.