Zywall USG50 vs EdgeRouter Pro (SFP)

My USG50 is still working just fine, plus added a 2nd ISP as a backup line.
Main line 100Mbit FTTH synchronous, backup line cable-modem based 11-16Mbit down, 1.1Mbit up (all per second).

Thanks to previous posts & responses, starting to get more into the idea of VLANs and the likes, but due to import restrictions, I need to plan my purchases carefully to either have a co-worker bring things along to a customer site (i.e. if it is big/heavy it can be a pain for them) or decide to buy and leave in ATL head-office (which I visit very infrequently as I am home-office based)

I don't believe the router is a bottleneck for the FTTH, but the ERPro does appear to be significantly more future-proof.

What would be the main benefit to upgrade?