Zotac RTX2070 AMP Extreme vs. AMP Extreme Core, what's the difference?

Last year i’ve had to RMA my GTX1070ti due to a heinous coil whine, Zotac ended up sending me an RTX2070 in exchange for it, much to my appreciation.
The model they sent over is an AMP Extreme Core, tbh i never looked up the difference and never felt the need to overclock it either, but now i got some time on my hands and decided to OC it a bit.
It seems the difference between the two is only the stock clocks, or is it?
Isn’t the hardware on the board itself different between these two models?

As far as I can see side by sides on amazons specs pages it is the stock clocks like you found.

Extreme clock: 1860MHz
Extreme Core clock: 1816MHz

So just a slightly lower binned one, I know the likes of EVGA are terrible for doing this and usually have about 12 different version of say a 2070 all with slightly different settings so it is not really surprising.


Higher GPU Turbo on the Amp Extreme, 1860Mhz on AE and 1815Mhz AECore. Same shaders, memory speed et al. Probably didn’t pass qualification through binning. Good luck, careful with the overclock.

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No hardware changes, then?
I thought it could have inferior quality memory, or maaaybe weaker VRM, i still wanna find a teardown of both to compare board to board.

There are some good shots of the Amp Extreme

But I cannot find any for the Core yet.

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That definitely helps, i can open up mine and compare, i’ll take the opportunity to apply better thermal paste as well, the warranty already ran out.

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I do not believe it worth the effort for .5% of performance change. Heck, a background update may stumble your frames during a gaming session. Many review sites are not inclined to tear apart a $600 msrp card in the event of something going awry. If you’ve seen one tear down you’ve seen them all (well maybe not so much for younger readers/viewers), since many manufacturer’s follow nvidia’s reference design. (Nvidia’s becoming evermore cumbersome). Without watercooling, you cannot go further as they’ve pushed the card to the limit for retail.

If you have an urge to meddle with it, raise the Fan speed profile for higher RPMs on low and mid process loads and better system wide cooling for better ambient temps. Then have better thermals so the card gravitates towards higher clock speeds inherantly.

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I’m thinking about +100mhz core +100mhz memory, which is common.
I do enjoy how quiet it is, so i’ll be ajusting the fan curve as well, let’s see what i’ll achieve.

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