Zotac GTX 1080 Mini vs all other bigger sized GTX 1080

Not sure if this was asked before, you have my apologies if I'm asking the same question as previous topics, but I'm planning to upgrade my GPU and wanted to get a GTX 1080 (hopefully), and was intrigued about the Zotac GTX 1080 Mini version as it is the cheapest 1080 out there.

I heard I lose a bit when it comes to OC'ing it compared to the bigger sized ones, but what else will I lose? I don't plan to OC anyways... I heard the performance is near identical to the bigger 1080's.

Should I get the Zotax GTX 1080 mini or should I just save a bit more for the bigger ones?

Thanks in advance!


Is a GTX 1080 perfect for 5760x1080 surround gaming? Or should I just settle for a GTX 1070 instead?

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I watched a review vid from someone who shall not be mentioned on here :)

Anyway the conclusion was it didn't loose much if any OC potential and ran 20 DeC hotter the 3 fan monster Galax GTX HOF it was compared to.

Only caveat was that I think it was probably tested on the usual open test bed so it may vary depending on the case installation.


The mini 1080 is kinda a beast. Even crammed into a case it manages to stick close to the bigger cards in overclocking headroom. It does run a bit warmer but it's not enough to really be worried about, you'll be power limited before thermals.

The Zotac mini looks awesome in terms of performance! Get it!

cough Logan's new video cough

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