Zotac GTX 1080, Ducky Shine 6, & In Win Cases | Computex 2016 | Tek Syndicate

Logan takes a look at a Zotac design GTX1080 and Zboxes.
At the Ducky booth the new Shine 6 is showcased.
And at the In Win booth some very crazy and awesome case designs as usual.

Let us know what you think.

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Thanks Logan for covering sum nice Keyboard news..

Ducky didn’t impress me as much as Vortex with the split keyboard with nice keycaps.
They look like the poker 1 grey caps great looking..just need to find a wrist rest for that one.. i’m even liking the full size one kind of looks like the poker3 with numpad hahah..
i particularly like the 75% one if the right shift would be standard size it would be my dream board.. Both model are all aluminium witch is awesome if they can keep it in the poker3 price range they wil be game changers in my opinion.

Btw what do you guys think of the reversed one having the arrow cluster on the left size so your mouse is closer to your keyboard? in my case i have a trackpad on the left and mouse on the right hahaha but looks like a good idea at least they are innovating and trying..

Almost forgot the 75% form factor has bin my favourite one for ages only problem i have with this one is the smaller right shift key ..
Perhaps Logan could talk to Vortex and give us something like this. Couple of months back i talked to a guy on Deskthority that made his own keyboard..Awsome formFactor ..
Check this out..75% goodness with default size keycaps that means no more hassle with buying a new set on massdrop or where ever.. Please Vortex make one ;-)

I realy like those Zotac GTX1080 AMP cards.
I have seen a picture of the pcb, and it looks very sollid on the power delivery.
Cant wait to see some more reviews about how far you could push these bad boys,
and how good the cooling unit is.

According to In Win, those psu´s looks realy interesting.
Would be nice to see some reviews about those aswell.
For the rest some cool cases of course, especialy that test bed.