Zombies Monsters Robots

This is an incredibly awesome game that I had no clue existed! Gems like this is what makes the PC gaming community standout. Its a "free" game on steam and you can purchase upgrades and unlocks. Its exactly like Gears of War and I just cannot explain how much I love this game! It makes me upset that games like this lack marketing. It deserves more attention. Hopefully you guys can do a full review (teksyndicate). It is pretty much the Gears of War engine with PvP or PvE. There is Zombie type survivor modes just like Call of Duty with waves to defeat and the ability to repair their entry points (COD Zombies is fun but I never was a fan of COD). GoW + Zombie + Beer = awesome time with friends. There is a game mode called Mercs vs Monster and its is just ridiculous! Hopefully You guys take a peak at it since it is free + it is awesome!

Whoa, looks fun. thanks for the info.


Just beating in the formatting, been seeing this around the forums. No bad thing either, block texts are just irritating.