ZFS send piped though pv

Does anyone use ZFS send [source snap] | pv | ssh [target system] ZFS receive [target pool]

I’m getting a slight issue with pv starting the feedback before I can enter the target system password, sometimes causing it to fail auth before transfer starts, especially if I’m slow to type the password.

perhaps I have not set up the keyfile correctly on the target system

I do realise this is probably a niche of a niche…

setup ssh keys… try again?

probably, but not sure if that will work when sending to [email protected]

I am probably mistaken, but the ssh key file I replicate to the target has come from my user home file.

can I send a key for the root account?


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You can use the ZFS permissions and setup a user who is alowed to e.g. create snapshots (receive) but NOT to delete them (force sending), I use that for sequential backups to my backup server!

I think @nx2l was into it regarding keys.
I had copied the keys across, as per the freenas instructions, but think I might just need to generate a new key file and try again.
Will poke at it this evening after work.

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You could try using netcat?

This should install the key properly. Then you need to test it by logging in. you might need to specify the keyfile by using the -i parameter.

ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/key_name.pub [email protected]

copied the public key across, no dice.
went to freenas web gui, ensured the key under the user account matched
opened shell, compared ~.ssh/authourised_keys to the id_rsa.pub, which did match, but still didn’t work.
regenerated key and resent, still nope.

rm -r .ssh/, then generated new keys… and Success!
idk what was messed up :man_shrugging:

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Probably permissions. If the permissions aren’t correct, SSH will refuse to allow a correct key, because tampering could have happened.

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I suspect I was using a ssh key file from a previous build, so permissions may have got messed up when transferring ~/*

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