ZFS recovery tgx rollback help

Long story short i made a mistake and deleted a entire folder of a project. Realized my mistake immediately stopped the server while considering recovery options.

The most obvious for me would be to restore from a weekly backup to another server, however i was hoping not to loose an entire weeks work.

i have herd it is possible to rollback a zpool to a specific tgx, and was wandering how you would go about this?

have you deleted the folder via file manager or via zfs destroy?
The command “zfs list -t snapshot” shows you whether a snapshot is available for a rollback or not.
Rollback with “zfs rollback -r zpool/home/user@tuesday”
If there is no snapshot you have to restore the data by other means.

Yes i know about snapshots, thats different from going back to a previous tgx or transaction group. There is no snapshot in this time frame.

I never had the need to restore data with ZFS, therefore I can not say anything about it from experience but have a look here