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ZFS pool disappeared after an accidental shutdown. Help

Hello and happy new year first of all. Now i have started the adventures of using ZFS and to this point it was epic. The pool that i have, is a raid-6 with 6 3TB HDD's and 2 cache/log SSD's.
It was working fine until i typed "shutdown now" insted of just "shutdown" like i have in the past. After this point ZFS reports no pools and all three Datasets disappeared.

It would be nice to get the pool back i have some data on it but nothing serious because I KNEW this would eventually happen. I am still learning. I've learned createing, building, shareing,... ZFS pools, datasets now i have to learn maintaining it and troubleshooting it. I appreciate any help!

You should be fine, you just need to import the pool.

Try running this command

sudo zpool import -d /dev/ name-of-pool

-d /dev/ means the directory where the disks appear, use this if they are /dev/sdx etc, if they are in /dev/mapper/ or something else use that instead. Name-of-pool is the name of the pool you want to import.


I can't believe this, it just came back... all datasets are back up and running. I didn't do anything. I just rebooted for the third time and then ran your command and it displayed that pool "Data" already exists.
Thank you anyway. Any idea what caused this?

The zfs daemon is supposed to load any pools when you boot but in your case the pool wasn't exported properly when you shut down (you can export it manually by running zpool export pool-name this is the zfs equivalent of unmounting). If the pool isn't exported properly the daemon won't start it. There's another daemon that essentially runs the command I posted before to discover zfs pools but sometimes it doesn't work properly, it might run too early in the boot process or something like that.

So if your pool doesn't get imported on boot then rebooting can fix it but running the import command will fix it straight away.


Thank you so much. Last night my array went down and I was up until 4:00 AM worrying about it. 9/10 of the websites said my array was most likely dead, but this fixed it. Thank you so much (I was VERY worried I lost my mom’s baby pictures; which were also on the array)

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