ZFS NVMe pool for virtual machines

Just got a Asus Hyper M.2 and disks (2x 1TB Firecuda 530) ready for use and started to search for best practices when setting up a NVMe ZFS pool for VM’s. I read a alot of discussion about ashift, blocksizes and primarycache settings but didn’t really come up to any conclusions for now.

I’m still in process of making a few hardware changes to my current server (here is a topic with some background info) and would just like to setup a pool and do some preliminary testing while I’m still familiar with the system.

Obviously with my hardware the configuration is going to be just one mirror with the possibility of adding a second in the future, if needed. The new OS for the server will most likely be Proxmox.

Any thoughts? I understand that some of my questions are rather basic, I still am very much in the stage of learning basics. If you know some good learning material I should check up on just let me know!