ZFS Label & Data recovery

I am a noob to this forum, and ZFS, Freenas.
i Had recently watched your Data Recovery segment on Youtube:

I was interested watching it, but there were a bit of gaps on the recovery portion.
My Major concern is trying to retrieve my zfs labels from my pool so i may recover my data.
I hijacked a thread on bsdforums:

Which details the issue I am trying to recover from, and what appears from others.

I ran across a thread that suggested using this:

And i finally got it kinda working on a ubuntu USBlive flash drive, but i didnt get into using it to recover anything. With the confusion and concerns of what might disrupt my data, i rebooted back into Freenas. But when i did, Freenas wasnt very happy. Somehow my disks ended up full, it didnt recognize my new zfs pools and required 3 reboots before it would boot normally again.

All this non-sense aside. I was looking for help to retrieve my ZFS labels. If you can help or suggest anything. Please do.