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ZFS File Corrurption, and what AM4 ITX boards with ECC do you recommend

So I recently went through diagnosing some ZFS filesystem corruption. I wrote a blog post about it (spoiler alert: it was the memory)

The motherboard in that file server is an Asus A320I-K, and the product manual indicates it doesn’t support ECC memory. What AMD AM4 ITX motherboards do you recommend that have support for ECC memory and an AMD Ryzen 3200G (would like to keep my existing processor).

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I’m glad you didn’t lose much with that wierd corruption. I will take the zpool upgrade more seriously in the future.

Asrock Rack is your best brand for AM4 server use case. Bought one myself a month ago. Depending on whether you want 10GBit LAN or SO-DIMMs/OcuLink, they got a couple nice AM4 server boards, the x570D4U-2L2T probably being the most popular. Server boards with AM4 CPUs. QVL for memory only lists ECC memory.

If you want it a bit cheaper without IPMI or 10GBit LAN and maybe some RGB, Gigabyte and Asus lists UDIMMs in most of their board QVL. I even heard of several B550 boards that offer ECC support.


Huh. Upon looking at some more specifications, it seems like the Ryzen 3 3200G doesn’t support ECC at all (The “PRO” model does, which is not the one I have). So if I want to go that route, I’ll need to replace the processor as well.

Thanks for the recommendations. Asrock Rack boards look solid, but they also all seem to be limited to VGA output. I don’t have any VGA input monitors. I do have a spare half height PCI-E video card, or I could get an active adapter.

I do plan on buying a house next year, and hopefully I can setup a proper homelab. I think I’ll just schedule more frequent backups and push this out to a larger upgrade project for next year – including getting some used servers and a rack.


Can recommend the Asrock Rack X570D4I-2T for ECC memory support with AM4, in addition to having an intel 2x10G NIC and 2x Occulink connectors for connecting 8x SATA drives

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They have HDMI out if you got a Ryzen APU (integrated graphics).

And you don’t need to plug in a display, because they come with IPMI and you can manage everything via IPMI. All you need is a LAN connection and a browser.


Don’t need to repeat something someone else already said.