Zenbook U500

Hello, I recently broke my Zenbook UX32VD because of my own stupidity with handling it, and well I kinda forgot to get the warrenty(I think its been more then a year anyway...) and I was looking at the U500, which looks very nice but also very pricey... Is it worth it for the price? If so what are some good altenatives? Should I wait for the touchscreen or haswell releases?


the UX32VD is only 7 months on the market, check that with your warrenty!

I was also looking for an alternative to the U500 and found only the Apple Macbook Pro with retina display, which is even more expensive. There are many notebooks with the same specs, but they are all thicker and heavier. What do you need such a powefull machine for anyway? I could afford a U500, but in the end is the UX32VD the better choice for me since I got a Desktop machine, a U500 is more a Desktop replacement. With the U500 you cant replace the SSD, thats a negative point for me!

I heard not much about the haswell though its supposed to consume less power than the current i3XXX generation. I also like to skip the first generation of each new cpu/gpu architecture. A touch screen on a notebook makes no sense for me.


If you need a notebook get one now, the current intel cpu's are fast enough for the future and a touchscreen is only for tablets or smartphones, at leat IMHO.

What did you break on your ux32vd???? Spare parts on alibaba for example... prob ebay as well.


The power pin thingy.

I want the U500 because firstly, its amazing for the formfactor and weight, and secondly, I do like to game on the go sometimes, like when I'm in my college cafe or in a waiting room for my psychologist... :)

True, the U500 is more powerfull than a UX32VD. If you got the money, why not, I do understand your point ;) 

So you broke the connector in a way? Then u need to solder on a new one if you are baws with stuff like that, or u need a new MOBO. Like http://www.aliexpress.com/item/For-ASUS-UX32VD-mainboard-motherboard-Top-quality-fast-shipping/621530566.html. Dunno if its i7/i5 though.