Z97 and Broadwell?

Greetings Forum,

I have been reading up on some new rumored Z97 boards and Intel Architecture, aka the Haswell-Expansion, Broadwell. I was curious if you dudes had any idea about a release schedule, specs/benefits over haswell, or maybe even things you hope to see in the new chipset like compatibility with Z87 boards or better overclocking capability?

I know there is not much out right now except for some announcements from Intel but I just needed to talk about this... Although maybe my hopes are too high? 


I know the Logan and Wendell discussed this including Devil's Canyon in The Tek but I was hoping for some community responses

Peace and love,


Pentium anniversary edition, DDR4, and SATA Express what's not to love.

Well, this is basically from SB to IV again, nothing but a shrink. (They might fix they heat problem)

I haven't read anything about the IGP.

I'm way more excited for skylake, that gonna be an amazing architecture.

I believe only the anniversary will have new TIM between die and heat spreader. In any case none will be soldered like they still did with Sandy Bridge so it will stink anyway.