Z87 Mini-ITX

What is a great Mini-ITX board out there that would be used for gaming? I have looked at the EVGA Stinger and ASUS MAXIMUS VI IMPACT which both look like amazing boards but I want a little community and user feed back on these boards.

I am going to run an i5, a full sized GPU and will be encased in the EVGA Hadron.

Looking for a very stable, feature full board that can take some overclocking. I also like that the stinger has some upgraded audio but also would like to be able to take to LAN party so wireless is a good option.

Any feedback or suggestions would be awesome


Either one of those board will be perfectly fine.

Both are great, if I were building in that case I would get the mobo to match (IMO). I personal am getting the impact.

well the EVGA stinger and Asus impact are offcourse great boards, i think the impact that comes with a dedicated sound card supreme FX will probably have a better sound chip. for the rest the impact has a very nice full sized Vreg, but so does the EVGA stinger has.

other option could also be Asus Z87i-Deluxe also a very nice board, with fullsized vreg, or if you prefer someting decent but a littlebit cheaper, then the Asus Z87i- pro is also something to look at.

But i would personaly go for the Impact or if you like the gold theme the i-Deluxe.

Grtz Angel ☺