Z68 or Z77?

So I am still on the hunt for good components for my media pc build, but can't decide between a Z68 board or a Z77 board...

I looked around the internet for information but still rather undecided; so, I'm asking here since I do trust the people here than anywhere else.

Pros and cons will surely help.

Thanks in advance!

Oh yeah, I am going for an i7 3770 since I found a place here that sells it at nearly an identical price as an i7 2700. So which board should I get?

i would go for a z77 board. has a lot of more advanced features and can fully utilize the onboard graphics in the cpu. are you going to be gaming on this rig at all? and what's your budget?


#3c3b3b ; font-family: Verdana, Tahoma, 'Nimbus Sans L', arial, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height: 18px;">Although Intel’s Z77 Express offers minor power reductions and management software updates, integrated USB 3.0 and the inclusion of Virtu MVP are the best reasons for users to care.

If your getting the 3770 you may aswell get a Z77, although the features are pretty useless for you there is no harm in getting the latest they might come in handy in the future.

What do you think about these boards?


That one above has a good price IMO for a mATX that is Z77 that also gives the option for SLI


Of course there is the Z77 board Logan mentioned in his $1,000 build video. Though It might just be a tad outside my range right now... but if it's worth it, I'll reconsider LOL


And this one has the best price out of the bunch for Z77 but it only supports Crossfire... I'm still more of an Nvidia fanboy and I could just go for this and not think about SLI as gaming isn't my highest priority right now. Just want to double check, I can still use an Nvidia GPU on this particular board just NOT in SLI, right?


The boards cost nearly the same and z77 has improved features.

I've heard the ASUS Z77 boards overclock really well, so look into them if your intrested as they have a great and easy to use BIOS :) that can all be opinion of course though.