Yunohost for Cubieboard 2

Hey, as the installation-process of my second yunohost-box runs on my cubieboard 2, the idea to create a small little step-by-step guide on how to install it came into my mind. Are you guys and girls interested in a guide like this? I also noticed, that Wendell mentioned, that he too wanted to tipe / shoot a guide about installing yunohost on a VPS. So is it okay, if I do one for the cubieboard / homehosting? If you want to know what yunohost is and what it does please visit:

The guide will be for this little sucker:

The Linux distro ill use will be Cubian:

The reason why I want to install it on this small device is because of the very low energy-needs of the ARM chip, but still support for a Harddrive ( SATA-Port + Power on board ), some on-board NAND and a on-board NIC.

So let me know and the "guide" should follow next weekend. :)

I wouldn't do it myself, since my cubietruck runs just fine as it is, but I would read it though. :) (so make it a +1/2 )

Well, the Linux setup will most likely be the same, so it should apply to the truck too^^ I don't know if Yunohost is supported thoug, the Yunohost website doesn't offically support it :/