YouTube Sucks with Time Warner

Hey i need a little help. I have a mac and i did the "sudo ipfw add deny all from to any in" in my terminal and it wouldnt let me type in my password. So i kept on trying it and idk if it went through or not but now it takes a while for the video on youtube to start.(longer than before)So i was wondering is there a way to undo this? Please help and thank you.

umm... you need the root pass i think. seeing as mac is unix based, i assume permissions work the same as linux...

If you used sudo in a previous string in the same terminal session sudo will not prompt you for the password again.

Sudo nano ~/.yoloswag/rabbitporn.obt

sudo ipfw add deny all from to any in


Only sudo nano will prompt you for a password. Also youtube is broken, i'd remove that ip from your blacklist and see if your speed increase. If it doesn't just know that it's shit for everyone.