YouTube star Michelle Phan sued over copyright

A leading YouTube entrepreneur is facing legal action for alleged copyright infringement in her videos.

Ultra Records, which has musicians Kaskade, deadmau5 and Calvin Harris on its books, is suing Michelle Phan.

He expressed his disbelief on Twitter that his own record label was suing Ms Phan for copyright infringement. "And the kicker... they're citing her using my songs for the suit. Come. On," he wrote on the site.

Well, when he entered under a contract that took the material rights away, servitude is what is left. Admit the mistake and break those chains.

Just another example of old media trying to screw over new media.
I don't know any details (and to be fair I'm too lazy to look) but surely Michelle Phan would be signed up with a network which should have ensured she was covered her for that kind of stuff.

It seems like they'll do anything for money. One day we want need record label and they don't like it

so some vapid youtube star  who's only contribution to society it so show other women how to put on toxic make up is getting sued?


I kind of feel bad for feeling like this, but I do. Her videos are literally just her putting on makeup with this music on in the background.

I was under the impression that she was doing a vlog, and it was actually on in the background, but nope - she actually edits it in.

Shes being trolled, that's bullshit really. With her viewership she's helping the record label out more than anything by pushing their content to the masses.

That's free advertising if you ask me and they should be grateful. Hopefully her viewers raise hell.

there's little she can do other than go to court and argue that the price they are asking  is unreasonable. end of the day she did use music that wasn't her's, not the smartest move if you're gona monetize your videos.

Not sure why most of you guys think what she did is ok. Video 101 is to not use copyrighted music without permission.