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YouTube Guideline change may kill Channels

A German computer tutorial channel (of the advanced type) uploaded a video concerning their issues. In short:

  • they have been doing this for ~12 years
  • they make tutorials on how VPN, Cross-site scripting, etc. works
  • Youtube moved the goalposts creating strikes from previously okay videos
  • they are just a hair and some luck away from getting banned and deleted

The video in question:

According to YouTube, setting up a VPN is Mature Audience only, editing Windows Registry is highly dangerous (making it mature audience only).

So just like it happened to Cody’sLab a while ago (2017), prepare to die at random.
Video concerning Codys issue. I am not linking the backup-video diretly due to YouTubes recent shenanigans concerning where views come from.


but it is tho

problem is corps will be corps

we gotta pump up the alternatives, it’s not about sharing knowledge anymore, youtube is a corps platform and will do everything it can to get more money


What is the implication of mature audience rating?

Does it simply require user to be signed in to an age declared account?

Does it further de-list the video from mature users who are not subscribed?

Or is the damage of age-blocking that the video is not suggested to non-age-declared accounts. or instead, not recommended at all?

Can only watch the video when logged in and your birthday is set you are 18 (or 21) years old. Not a problem in my case as I was born 14th june 1542.

SemperVideo went ahead and deleted several thousands of their old videos to save themself from a third strike. Because that is the problem here.
Nobody knows when it is “just” an age restriction and when you get a Strike to send your Channel to the void.

I can’t find the video right now, but Cody’sLab once got a strike on a deleted video, so he could not dispute the strike for deleted-video reasons.


I dunno, their next move is to block dead people from watching videos…


I have not heard of a non copyright- strike before.

Would it also have a 3 strikes then ban implication for this thing?

Copyright is the most common reason for a Strike.
Strikes are not created equal, result is the same though.

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So the German channel Should have the strike removed when stating it was made

  • Whether the upload is educational, documentary, scientific or artistic in nature

But I guess YT will automatically ignore every argument, as everyone would argue by default, and YT won’t hire staff to actually check stuff.



I believe they call them community strikes. Or something to that effect.

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Major Corperation in partnership with with other companies via ads and etc… Not wanting people have videos that teach how to take agency over your life and things you own, thus reducing dependence on them.

color me surprised


fuck I’ll try to not dwelve into pol stuff but let’s go

let’s say they’re pretty much like this

are they wrong?


are they completely right?

also no

the thing is, in my point of view, that you/we/they have taken youtube for granted as a source of knowledge, but you/we/they are wrong because it’s just a platforme which is greedy as fuck and will do whatever they can to pump the profits up

I’ll repeat myself


Some channels that typically have content that is easy to encode, for example screensharing tutorials and a good chunk of low-motion gaming, should consider diversifying by creating an alternative. Make a niche that avoids high bitrate content and other barriers to entry and you might just have a chance.

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YouTube is trash. :poop: They banned my “brand” channel when I tried to make it, then deleted my own YT channel and account when I complained. All I had on was some simple Blender animations I made testing the physics. They didn’t even have music on them. >:(


Coz You iz a 1337 H4x0R, Innit…

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Ya using that linux hacker tool. :open_mouth:



Every single time the media covers an area I know about, they demonstrate either a complete and utter lack of understanding, a massive bias, or both.

And then I go to a story on an area I’m not an expert in and I assume they know what they’re talking about and are honest.


This is known as Knoll’s Law of Media Accuracy: “Everything you read in the newspapers is absolutely true except for the rare story of which you happen to have firsthand knowledge”


Update: It happened. Their channel got deleted and after them reaching out on Twitter, Youtube looked into it…

Small article on their website: