Youtube forcing ads?

I'm getting bothered by such an annoying b$ that youtube is pushing ads on each video now, more than ever before. I'm I only one noticing it or?


yep. tried to disable my ad block on youtube a couple of times only to be greeted by several minute long unskippable ads.

Could it be possible slight push towards YouTube red subscription? May be?
I still have not encounter such a thing as an unskipable add, but my issue is mid-video adds, killing the entire video...

"Some day you might call me, and energy farmer. :upside_down:"

hue hue hue shut up Sarah.

This is about the only commercial youtube has been giving me for the past 3 weeks, I shit you not. I've seen it at least a hundred times.

Haven't seen a single YT ad for years now, with an obvious exception for actual in-video endorsements.

I just use a video downloader. No ads, I can watch the vids as often as I want without YT knowing about it and without having to use bandwidth every single time, etc etc.

Not seeing any forced long ads, but if I'd get one then I'd reload the page.
Always watch favorite channels without adblock.

Mhm, I don't use any AdBlock since 2009, and i had no issues with ads till today, it feels like they are struggling to keep up ads revenue ;(

With noscript, I didn't get ads for a long while, but YT must have changed something, because I do now.
I am fine with ads in general, as long as they are related to the content, not based on their super secret spying on me.
It creeps me out when I look at a product and it pops up in unrelated places online O.o

By which I mean ADs in principal are a great thing, as they generate money for content providers, I just dislike the creepy profiling.
Oh, and malware. That's why I no longer browse in windows- I merely use it to run the games I already brought on the DRM laden Steam platform

I'm getting the same amount of ads, all skippable. Perhaps this is Google's retaliation to AdBlock users?

PS: I use Privacy Badger; I generally dont mind ads, as long as they dont hijack the website, slow down my device, or do any cross-site tracking

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Eventually youtube will get rid of the most annoying of ads.

I use an ad blocker on you tube so i don't see any. And on channels i support i just refresh then enable ad blocking if that doesn't work.

@sinisa94 it has definitely increased. We are now getting ads that you can't even end after so many seconds. Still though I'd rather have to put up with what is going on in regards to ads with them to watch the content I get than to pay for cable tv.

@Trooper_ish True story bro, also am getting stuff that i "flagged" as "unwanted" again as well (like arabic cultural songs and ads from that region, no offense but I dislike that kind of music). @DeViLzzz Also the "Cancel" on autoplay is bugged on purpose (when you click it on last 2 sec of "next vid will play" it doesnt work to force more views) also they are pressuring viewers too much lately :frowning:

Also today fkin Adobe flashplayer update is forcing McAfe b$ antispyware WTH? :[ What is wrong with this world :confused:

There can certainly be regional differences here as well. If some company paid Google enough for a campaign then they'll serve it to the target audience. (target chosen by the buyer)

Flash is (too) slowly dying so they need to make some money somehow. :slight_smile:

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Find a few friend and get the YT Music Family plan for $15 a month if you get 6 people on it like you can thats like $2 and some change a month per person.

I get a popup every time I click "skip" to sign up for youtube red.

For all I care, the platform can fucking burn. I'm not giving a cent to youtube if I can help it.

I thought Adobe was trying to kill flash? Didn't they discontinue updates for non-windows platforms?

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That's sad... I was hoping to grow my channel...
The twitch alternative I don't like at all...

Sorry, it's nothing personal.

I just really don't like youtube and their current position on a lot of things.

If I like a channel, I strive to support them directly. Bitcoin donations or patreon are my preferred methods.