Youtube Defaults to less than 240/144p

So for the past week youtube has been defaulting to 240/144p and i don't know why. Anyone have any idea?

  • I havn't changed any YT settings
  • It does it for ALL videos and embedded videos
  • I havn't changed my ISP, nor i have i noticed any changes.
  • I can still watch 1080p, but i have to change it manually EVERY TIME and it's getting to be a hassle.

same exact thing happens to me, happens on mobile too (except i cant figure out how to fix it on the iOS YouTube app)

when you load up youtube, and when you change resolution from auto 1080p to lower, there is a box that says always play videos in low resolution. Maybe you checked that by accident, however you can fix that when you go on your profile and find settings for video playback or something. I know I found that there and enabled auto resolutions, example when I go full screen it auto switches to 1080p

that's just it, the box is not checked, not even in the settings

This usually happens to me if I'm downloading something while my parents are using the net as well. But only if we're all doing tasking things. We don't use cable, so most of our uses require it. It rarely gets that bad though. I hit 240 like, once or twice a month.

Try some of chromes youtube apps. they work well.

since this got bumped I'll update it

UPDATE: It works fine now, didn't touch or harm it. I only scolded it and made it sit in the corner for an hour.