YouTube Channel (opinions)

For some time now I’ve been considering making a YouTube channel with consistent content.

I’ve had a number of ideas so far, but none of the ideas have fully struck me as potentially working. I do want it to be in the realm of gaming such as reviews, game play throughs etc.

My inspiration for making a channel is to get a community together and basically to give me an outlet of creativity. I’m currently studying an information systems degree and want something I can do on the side that will keep me occupied and of course having fun!

I’m posting here as I was curious to know if anyone would be interested in having a collaborative channel. The only requirement I have, apart from being a gamer (or at least have a strong interest), would be that their hardware and software capabilities be up to date. eg HD recording equipment, quality mic, decent internet connection. I think someone that has worthy knowledge in this area as well as the ability to make people laugh will fit the role perfectly. Although this would be ideal, I’m very open to anyone contributing.

Future streaming on Twitch is in the back of my mind as well.

If you guys could let me know what you think it would be much appreciated. Any ideas or recommendations would be great.




I can do it all, but my internet is very slow on the best of days, having Skype open will lag me when playing with friends. My friend can download the entire half life collection in like 3 hours and it would take me the better part of two yea my internet will severely cut down on productivity 

hey man thanks for the reply.

hmm well that wont work for twitch, but for youtube it wont really matter too much. you will just have to wait a while for videos to upload.



Well first of all;

good luck building a community around it. I don't think I need to go into why - especially if you are making a gaming channel.

Second of all, I don't know if for the "guest" of you channel really needs a speedy internet connection. A lot of videos have voices done in post - as in, one person records the game footage while the others commentate over the already captured footage. This kind of helps alleviate the "derp" half-brained responses due to trying to focus on the game AND trying to make conversation. It's a skill that has to be mastered, and I know I certainly don't have it. If I have a friend talking to me while I play a game, I usually have to pause it to respond otherwise I just sort of spew strange sounds out of my mouth that make no sense.

Thirdly: As a consistent guest of your channel: No. I'm not interested. if you want an occasional guest: maybe, I don't really know you, we might get a long well, we might not. If we do, sure! I'd love to help a friend out. If we don't. Meh, there's more fish in the sea.