YouTube broken

I don't know what happened or how to fix it, when I restart my browser with a saved YouTube page it loads up normaly but when I open YouTube in a new tab it looks broken again.

lel i havent had this problem yet and ive been on youtube most of the day

I got it since the beginning of the day and since its the page I spend most of my time on, it's mad making.

Saw this a few days ago on twitter. Lol. Refresh.

delete cookies and cache maybe?
and then F5

Did not work.

darn. i'm sorry.
outdated browser?
try a different browser?

This sometimes happens to me when my computer and/or connection is too slow to load the page. The browser doesn't render the layout properly, but otherwise the website is fine.
I think it is because the styling of the website depends on JavaScript that doesn't get run on time, because it never happened with a website that doesn't use a lot of it.

youtube is having an issue. possibly cause by some update to youtube or chrome. looks like firefox works?

I had this issue earlier on two different computers. I'm not entirely sure, but the issue seems to track back to ad block. Playing with the settings seems to fix it. I never intended to block YouTube anyway (and I have YouTube Red).

Yeah this was happening to me yesterday too. It's not doing it for me today but I did find it strange when it was acting like this.

At the end I started now using Microsoft Edge.
Still messed up on Chrome for me.
Thank you all for the useful Information, gonna be useful next time this happens.

I have recently started using gPodder for downloading videos. You have to do a little work to get the API key set up from Google. I have it check every hour and it downloads all new videos from my subscribed channel list. Along with the regular podcasts I subscribe to.

I found that not every video was turning up in my feed. Youtube was serving up what it thought I wanted rather than showing me all of the new videos.

I have experienced this problem earlier today. I noticed that adblock was blocking over 100 items. So I paused it, refreshed youtube and it was fine. So I've since switched to uBlock Origin and not had any problems.

My advice would be to try disabling any adblocking plugins and see how that goes.

I don't know if its one of those "once for 2 years" issue or if YouTube is trying to do something against Adblock users. Mhmm.. Thanks for the Suggestion, it works again fine so thank you all ! Weird because I used today the Option on YouTube "Turn Off Adblock for this page".

I was wondering the same thing! So if you're going to use ad block, YouTube is going to look broken. Not sure, I disabled it anyway and all is good.