YouTube apis and integration into a web app

Hello and thanks for looking,
We are putting together an application that will help content creators. You can find out about the goals of the app here, however, the programmer has explained that he will need to learn how to create the analytics because he currently doesn't know how.

We really need some help and so wondered if anyone might be able to weigh in and help us get the analytics working, even if it is just advice so our programer can understand what he needs to do.

If you want to get involved and join us then there will absolutely be a place for you now and for the future. We are building a business and so this could become something that you do.

What I really want is to create a complete analytics using information from youtube, facebook, twitch, twitter etc to create an all in one place to get the information about your online growth. If that means creating them over a period of time and then once complete, taking the relevant information and creating a single display then that is great. This isn't a race to finish but we want the right product that works properly when we are finished.

Thanks again for looking, contact me here or through the Unity website.