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Gotta get some YUNOHOST love sometime bro.

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Hello all, first time poster.

I have just read an email and blog post regarding the fate of Sandstorm from Kenton Varda.

In short, Sandstorm the company has ran out of money. Sandstorm will continue as an open source project. Kenton is asking for engineers to to help with coding. Other forms of support include signing up for a paid account on Sandstorm Oasis. Sandstorm Oasis will continue to operate as normal as will Lastly, Sandstorm for Work will have its paywall removed.

It doesn't look like this will affect users who have downloaded Sandstorm already. While not mentioned, it might appear that the free tier Sandstorm Oasis instance may not be available in the future, due to the financial situation.

Play this on repeat/low volume while listening to this video:

Ouch. Well, we've still got yunohost.

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Ugh... one more reason to just get your own VPS and pull yourself up by your own boot straps.
Plus you can get some killer VPS deals at - like $1 per month.