Your honest opinions please

Hey y'all


  I need your honest opinions on my current set up and thoughts on upgrading. First off I am from canada so I am a die hard amd ati fan. With that said this is my rig;

AMD Phenom 2 x3 720 black edition

- overclocked to 3.7grhz

- 4th core unlocked 

Cooler master v8 cpu cooler

power colour 6870x2 dual gpu card (memory at 1150mrhz and gpu at 945 mrhz)

8gb ddr 3 1066 ocz gold ram(quad channel at 2gb times 4 sticks)

gigabyte ma 770 ud3p motherboard

ocz 600 w gaming psu

Thermaltake v4 case with excellent cooling(4 fans)




My 2 questions are:


1) Is it worth upgrading the cpu to something higher?

2) Is their a better cooler than a v8? I have noticed that the v8 keeps core temps down huge and out performs alot of cheaper h20 kits. 

I game at eyefinity resolution 4800 x 900 and max everything out to the extreme except anti aliasing. 



Thanks for your opinions




Probably not worth upgrading the CPU. I would seriously consider upgrading your GPU. A GTX680 some type of non-reference design. MSI is great. 4gb card though. That's the one thing you'll notice amazing gains with. Other than that I can't really say. Check the supported RAM types from your Motherboard manufacturer and definitely get some 1600mhz ram, but if your mobo supports it, go and get some 1866 or higher ram. With an AMD processor, you're deffinitely going to notice a difeerence with faster ram. Intel processors don't notice so much.