Your guys' opinion on "video games cause violence" and 3D printed firearms

I'd like to know your guys' take on this subject, but so this post isn't just a stupid question, i'll give my opinion too.  Here's mine, if video games cause violence, so do sports, movies, music, and books.  Sports because of punching and tackling in sports like football and hockey, books because of all the WWII books and 50 Shades of Grey, movies because of sex scenes, killings, ect, music because of music videos like Micky Minajs' Anaconda, ect.  I think the hate games get is stupid and these news stations like Fox should be shut down until they get credible people talking about it.


Now for my opinion on 3D printed weapons. Let's hypothetically say that you can 3D print a functioning gun, in this hypothetical situation, I go to Walmart and buy a gun and shoot my neighbours cat with it, who's fault will it be, mine or Walmarts? Mine of course, now let's say I 3D print a functioning gun with a Maker Bot and I shoot my neighbours cat with it, who's fault will it be, mine or Maker Bots? Mine.  This video by Barnacules Nergasm disproves that you can 3D print a gun anyway .  Now how about knives?  I can go to Walmart and buy a set of kitchen knives and stab my neighbours cat with it, who's fault is it that I killed his cat, mine or Walmarts? Mine.  While it is completely possible to 3D print a knife, if I print one with a Maker Bot and stab my neighbours cat with it, who's fault, mine or Make Bot's?  MINE.  Why do idiotic news stations overreact to this crap?  


Sorry about the partial rant about these things but I hate how the media overreacts and I would like to know your guys' opinion on this.

100% agree with you. As long as the person is sane, they are responsible for their actions. But in about more or less 20 years, high quality 3D printers will be as affordable as any regular printer today and bad shit will go down and lawsuits and whatnot will be all over the fucking place. Can't wait :( 

And also, stay away from news channels on TV. 

Blaming games is a much easier target to hit (pun?) than acknowledging a failed mental health system. because if we acknowledge that than we might actually have to put in some hard work.  I mean if someone thinks its a good idea to shoot up a place in the first place than clearly this person is unstable. 3d printing a gun and going to walmart and buying one are just 2 sides of the same coin IMO. My guess is once 3d printers take off they will have some sort of DRM in there that prevents you from printing full guns. like modern printers prevent you from printing money(bastards lol).

Before politicians blamed video games it was music, before that it was TV, before that it was movies. They cant be bothered for deal with the real cause so going for low hanging fruit is what they do best. something new will come along and games will stop being the poster child for all that is wrong in the world. They just go after what they clearly dont understand. fear of the unknown is scarey. blaming it is much less work than learning about it.

Violence in general (video games, movies, school... real life) will desensitize a person to violence. Which in turn can (I didn't say will) blur the lines of acceptable social behavior by not providing the proper consequences to those violent actions. Can video games and movies make people more violent, sure. But if they are a functioning adult, they understand their actions will bring on consequences. If not an adult, this is where the concept of parenting comes into play.

As far as 3D printed guns; they have already been made and demonstrated. They are poor quality, they won't last and they do require at least one pre-made part (firing pin) to actually operate. They are hard to make and they are only good for a few rounds, so in reality, they are not very useful.

The point is, we have a rating system for video games, C, E, E10+, T, M, AO.  They're saying games like COD (which is a crappy game anyway)  cause violence behaviour in kids, but it's rated M, M stands for Mature, (18+) so why are these morons spazzing out about it?

They might be onto something here. I play TF2 then am overcome with the urge to beat someone to death with a dead fish while wearing different hats.

Long time ago, I used to play Carmageddon on PC, and so did a friend of mine. When we are in a car together, we always cite the number of points for the different classes of pedestrians, even after so many years. But we're both pretty safe drivers, not taking any risks that reasonably can be avoided and being very careful for pedestrians. There is a big difference between entertainment and real life. Dumb people that don't get that are dumb...

Problem is that rules make people bad. Age ratings with accompanying sales prohibitions make good parents into bad parents if their children find a way to play a mature rated game... it's all taken too far, people are being criminalized because politicians have psychos with big money bags to please...

These two topics shouldn't be together people stereotype enough.


The truth is there allot of mentally unstable people who think there normal (its probably more common then herpes) in the end any ban or age limit on something that is artistic in nature is fruitless .. Society always finds a blame 


Is a mixed bag of issues. As someone who has legally CNC(kinda like 3d printing same file different machine) my own m4 body and now legally owns an unregistered firing mechanism which is legal to have since I am by law the manufacturer, I see a few places where no laws can be an issue in the comming years. The truth is by law you can have a gun with no licence required - it is required for purchase however. I'm all for the restriction of government and privacey, but if I am required to have a licence to drive why not a gun. As it stands there is no real federal standard (states make up there own rules). There should at least be a required registory with a safety class. 

Pretty much all forms of media and content can have an impact on the person consuming it. The extent of that impact on a healthy intelligent person should be minimal especially if you said person isn't obsessively consuming it. It also doesn't doesn't necessarily effect people in such obvious simple ways as the media portrays.

Most people have no idea how easy it is to actually build an  AK-47. The obsession with 3d printed guns is just your typical fear mongering.