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Your experience with Asus old models shipping with new BIOS?


I need to build a new PC for my dad. He’s still on Core 2 Duo, so yeah.

Anyway, I was thinking about a 2200G, as it has enough power for what he needs and built in graphics. Saves on buying a PCIe card. Linux seems to have good support for these now too.

But a good mainboard, either B450 or X470 is rather pricey. Now, the old gen X370 boards are dirt cheap right now. But these unfortunately need the proper BIOS to run a gen 2 Ryzen.

I’d rather not go through the ‘loan cpu’ programme from AMD, seems like a real pain.

So my question is, are the currently stocked old gen mainboards still running old BIOS or did Asus update them as the BIOS matured and new stock got shipped? How in particular is Asus in this respect? They won’t reply on a direct question from me btw.


If it has “USB BIOS Flashback” listed as a feature you won´t have that problem as you can flash your bios without a CPU installed. But I believe only ROG boards have that feature. So back to the pricey boards sadly.

Otherwise, you don´t really have a guarantee of it working out of the box.


Rats… Well, I know there’s no absolute guarantee, but I can always return stuff bought over the internet. I was just wondering if Asus has a reputation of pushing out updated versions of their old boards or if they’re lazy and just keep producing the same boards with old bios.

Unfortunately, the dealers I contacted wouldn’t even check if there was a Ryzen 2000 compatible sticker on the box, as some manufacturers do this.


Returns ryzen 1600, reason “accidental purchase” lul

Kinda a dick move thought.


I’m selling a machine with a Xeon 1225v3, 16GB ram, and some other magic. Asking 250 so if you don’t want to mess with new parts tada.