You know what we need? a Dues Ex remastery

I'm not saying change the story or anything like that but take the original game from 2000 and remaster it. Much like what heppened in half-life & Bleck Mesa.

Or, do any of you know any mods to make the graphics up to date?


got anything more drastic like a polygon upgrade and not a retexture- of is that too advanced for a mod?

I'm not claiming to be a guru with this sort of thing, but there is only so much you can do with a game that old. That mod might be a little more than a simple texture pack, especially considering there it has been in development for 5 years, but I don't know for sure since the summary is vague.

Based on what another mod has stated (Project HDTP), a texture pack could do wonders considering that game has pretty low-res textures. HDTP claims to be a texture pack, but in their summary, they apparently added new vehicle and character models (with individual fingers), and custom animations.

Black Mesa is one of the best HD remakes but it was made over the span of 8 years. And it wasn't complete and even removed one important chapter from the game(don't know the name but the one that showed why the army was pulling their forces back, kind of a big part of the story was left out).

With Deus Ex you need a lot more work, the game is massive. Lot more voice actors, lot more levels to remake and probably lots more that I cant think since I am not a developer.

And overall I think Deus Ex is great with a few graphics mods to change the UI, resolution and graphics. It still shines in gameplay and is as good as any other modern FPSRPG-s.

I found a thread that might be interesting:

Actually BMS follows Half-Life's level progression truthfully, except that some levels have radically changed (improved imo). The only missing part is from Xen to Nihillanth, and yea it's a third of the first game but they're coming up with something bigger and better than the dated old-school jumping puzzles (it's a modernization in the proper sense)