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You HODLed, then HODLed some more. Now you're rich! Where else do you invest?

After you got bored of Lambos, hookers and blow for every meal, and trips to the moon: where did you put your money?

More seriously, has investing in crypto inspired you to invest elsewhere? Where’d you invest? How’re you doing?


I made it 0:13 seconds into that video before the shitty music forced me to stop playback.

I have been mining for 5 years, got exit scammed by wemine for many LTC. Stopped mining and paying attention for 3 years. Lost everything on BTC-e.

I then pushed my money into silver. Quickly I realized that silver was extremely heavy for the amount of value it held and I began buying gold. Now I have gotten smarter and been taking mining more seriously. I currently have a little farm and I reinvested in hardware when the price spiked. Now due to the price I am just hodling and eating the insane power bill each month.

When you truly believe in the principals of crypto it is very hard to invest in traditional investments(at least for me).

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Tiny brain: mining your own crypto
Enlightened brain: Selling your crypto for metals
Ascended brain: selling your metals for time shares
Galaxy Brain™: selling your time shares for a boat in a landlocked state