You guys should hear what this moron is spouting about Apple, Vulkan and DirectX

So I am arguing with some moron on Bohemia Interactive Forums about whether or not Vulkan will be a good alternative to DirectX. This guy spouts about how Apple is the .....well, you just have to read it for yourself I guess.

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Vulkan may or may not be going anywhere. Apple, the prophet of tech, has spoken:

The same guys who fucked up the OpenGL 3.0 release so badly that it took
years before anyone would even consider OpenGL again. The same guys
who released awful Vulkan pre-alpha footage with 2006 graphics running
at something like 15 FPS

---The Khronos Group is what he refers to.

Wrong. It was not the total rewrite that developers were promised. Something tells me all those developers who were outraged didn't remember wrong.

You are aware that Vista was screwed by the OEMs who stuck it on 2
GHz Celerons with 512 MB of RAM that had no business even running XP,
right? You are also aware that people were bigoted against Vista on
sheer heresay, right? That was proven by the Windows Mohave ads.

And to move to more recent fuckups...Valve, creator of the epic failure
that is the Steam Machines, which they've semi-officially killed by
announcing the Steam Link, also supports Vulkan. Valve, the company
whose Steam Machine program showed that they didn't understand their own
history let alone console history, and who dropped the ball big time
with the OEMs: That should say it all about Vulkan.

My comment about Apple being the prophet of tech is justified. Remember
when Jobs told us we wouldn't need optical drives one day, and we
laughed at him? But he's dead now, so that's why I said based on Apple
alone, Vulkan may or may not be going anywhere.

Well, he can enjoy playing whatever they play on Apple while we all move on to the future with Vulkan.


In the early days I played every game that I could find. Nowadays you have to choose what you play, because time is now the limiting factor. (due to work and due to the sheer amount of games that are released)

The same goes for any kind of media and especially communication! Leave him alone.

drop this somewhere there, or use it as argument.

The future whether he wants or not, is within open standards. Not closed platform windows.

As we have more and more devices, we will have more programmers doing opengl over dx... opengl is at the win here.

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Wait wait wait... This guy is trashing Vulkan while siding with DirectX/defending Microsoft because...? I feel like I'm missing something (who the [email protected]#! defends Microsoft anyway???). I mean, sure, I like DX. I seem to get noticeably better FPS with DX11 instead of OpenGL (GTX 760FTW 4GB) but... DX12 and Vulkan are supposedly both going to kick ass, from what I've read.

However, DX12 is supposed to move game demands more into the GPU, right? But Vulkan instead is supposed to unlock multi core usage in games, right? And Vulkan is basically OpenGL/Mantle with new stuff right? Dunno about you but... Vulkan seems a lot better to me here. I use many-core AMD chips because I use art programs and game too (also screw Intel prices). So... I like my CPU utilization thank you. GPUs are expensive.

@Logan or someone please explain am n00b

Edit: Oh, and about Apple being the software prophet... My dad once chuckled at someone who told him he'd never need a hard-drive bigger than 512 MEGAbytes... Does that make him a prophet? And I once predicted that Bluetooth would die out. Remember when Bluetooth came out? People lost their minds sending ringtones to each other. Been years since I've seen people use it, but now we have S-Beam or whatever. Am I a prophet?

Moving load from the CPU to the GPU is the worst idea ever! The GPU does simple tasks really fast, sure. Split up the workloads to get best results.
The CPU should be loaded in games like it is loaded in productivity software, not stress the GPU until it burns.

The load does not get moved from the CPU to the GPU. The CPU waste less resources driving the GPU, allowing the CPU spend its resources on other things while also making multithreading better.

Where have you got the idea that Vulcan/DX12 will burn the GPU? That haven't been a problem with Mantle.

The only thing I'm on the fence about is his comment about Vulkan, may or may not be going anywhere. for all we know it probably won't go anywhere. We've seen a bunch of stuff being announced by Microsoft that will support DX12. Deus Ex being the big one.. where are the games based on Vulkan? sure a bunch of engines have support but where are the developers showing off their games? there should be a much bigger push from the gaming developer end to support OpenGL 4.4

on a sidenote, you know what would "Break" the internet. if a triple A title were exclusive to OpenGL 4.4 first. then later ported over to DX12 for Windows. what if in a crazy world. Battlefield 5 were made for Linux first. BOOM. a HUGE band-wagon could happen.

There has been but it's been at the engine level, currently 3 so far have reported complete linux support (CryEngine, Unreal 4 and Unity). Along with that I would be very surprised if Valve's engine won't support linux very soon also. Remember it requires very little work once you have Linux support to port a game to Linux, but will agree with that most have been indie titles.

I guess this guy completely ignores the fact that Apple is part of the board of directors of the Khronos Group with final specification ratification voting rights...It has as much influence on how Vulkan will turn out as any other big company on the board. I like how he calls prophecy, Apple's marketing/policy games.

Mantle is not the problem, the problem is my being CPU loaded to like 12% to 30% in games while my GPU is working at 100%. OpenGL should be supported in any new game.
I just had a thought: Stop this discussion and wait what happens. Without Nvidia doing things like the ones here Reddit: F$%§ Nvidia future will be consumer friendly.

well, I waited a bit and lo and behold.......he speaks again. I refuse to respond at this point. But here is his rebuttal.

The words not in quotes are his responses not mine. He responds to several people.

[quote=LinuxMaster9]How does Valve refusing to release an unfinished product spell doom and gloom for their Steam Machine project?[/quote]

Stop putting words in my mouth. The Steam Machine concept was badly executed to begin with, that's what's killed it.

It robs the Steam Machines of their last unique feature, as do the Razer
Forge TV and Steam's built-in streaming: game streaming.

You mean myth.

Not at all, but the fact that you're grasping for that tiny straw is
VERY telling. Plus, I don't want to make these posts too long because I
don't want to provoke too long responses.

That has gotten you Half-Life 3, AKA Duke Nukem Forever 2: Electric
Boogaloo. Meanwhile, Valve continues to make TF2 hats that you no doubt
have spent 100s of dollars on.

You miss the whole point of me bringing up Valve, which is as a
legitimate counter to your statement that I am stuck in the past.

No one ever said tape would become unnecessary.

Do you have the slightest clue how durable USB ports have gotten these days?

Nope, it's just part of the flood of media questioning of the Steam
Machines. Just google "Steam Machines are pointless" or similar.

No, but since you mentioned it, I'd like to see if you can live up to those words.

Pretty good, considering what he learned from it.

and that is it for now folks!!!

Not saying that you are right or wrong but.

I ran Vista for a while and never really had any problems with it, the reason it failed i think was because the driver support was kinda bad in the start and that started a lot of hearsay and rumors.
Just look at Windows 8, many problem today still says it's udder crap but when really all that's been mostly wrong with it is that Microsoft made everything touch based, an error that have mostly sorted by now.

Optical media IMO is dead for consumers, USB flash drives have more or less made sure of that, yes an USB port can brake but that is very rare and most computers have more than one port.
If you have used the USB port so many times that it broke it may have been time to upgrade the computer anyway. ;)

About Vulcan and DX12 i have no idea really, i just know im looking forward to GPU's being used more like on consoles, as in more direct hardware access.

Just my opinion on it all.

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