Yogpack Minecraft Server

I'm testing out a Minecraft server fstopflash.mynetgear.com:25565 Im running the latest version of the Yogpack on it.

you can get the yogpack here http://www.atlauncher.com/pack/YogscastCompletePack/ 
Play around on the server let me know how it is running


Wow, I haven't played Minecraft in a while. Might give Yogpack a try. Do you have a Tekkit or Vanilla server as well?

Tekit lite  is part of this server give it a few min I'm rebooting the server now i found a bug but I think its sorted now


OK server is back up

nope i lied its bugged out 

Have hosted several minecraft servers for the Tek to use. Trust me in the fact that you will only ever get at most 5 people on, if that. especially since school started.


Ive just moved and unpacked my server, so another server will be up soon. thinking Serenity. Or maybe Crash Landing.

+1 for Serenity

Its not a problem I just like playing with servers I don't expect it to be used alot. I love the fact that I had it working then they released an update now its all bugged out and I get to tinker again.

ok server up use Recomended mods when installing Yogpack 

Indeed. I never play on a Single player world. I always use a server, haha.

Me too never saw the point I always seemed to have more fun building the server anyhow. Well it seems that a few people were able to log on so everyone have fun!