Yet another new Megadeth song - 1,320! Also: Skele

This is amazing, compared to all the new albums from the "big 4" recently. So far this albums looks like megadave did a complete reversal of the suckiness that was on United Abominations. We still got a slayer and anthrax album coming out this year, up against metallica's death magnetic. I'm predicting the order of albums from best to worst will be the following:

  1. Megadeth
  2. Slayer
  3. Metallica
  4. Anthrax

although I could be wrong, maybe anthrax will actually put out some decent new material. slayer has been just remasking the same old songs since the early 90s, and metallica... well, theyre just following whatever trend in metal will make them the most profit.

Another new song released today, Skeletonwitch - Crushed Beyond Dust:Â
Check it out, it rips hard!

I thought Head Crusher was a bit of a disappointing (I was at the Vancouver Canadian Carnage show, first public group of people to hear the song, they also played rattlehead which rocked) but I heard 1320 a couple days ago and I got even more exited for the album. Have you heard the two new slayer songs yet? That seems like its going to be a sick album.

I haven't heard them, post links hereÂ


Psychopathy Red:

Hate Worldwide:

New Megadeth album will rip! Can't wait to get my hands on that.
That Skeletonwitch new song is pretty badass, I'll keep my eyes on the new album.

@Humorus, thanks for the link, I didn't know they had new songs out yet.
Sounds good...sounds Slayer...a LOT.

Megadeth has been my favourite band for few years now. But what has happened to Daves voice recently?? He just sounds horrible. I had a chance to drive to one of their live performances, but I changed my mind because the old Daves vocals just isn't there anymore. Everytime he sings now it almost seems that he is in some serious pain.