Xtra-PC "The 25$ Computer" It's a Live OS USB drive


Essentially a Live OS USB for $25

Questions arise here, they state outright that they include GPL licensed software, which going by


"You may charge a fee for the physical act of transferring a copy, and you may at your option offer warranty protection in exchange for a fee. "

Is fine i guess, still kinda not cool, but I'm wondering what kind of OS this thing runs, the source code can be requested here as well as the licensing info

Anyone know anything about these guys or what's on it?

Of course this kind of stuff could easily be done with Mint/Ubuntu and probably others, just wonder how they're packaging it all up I suppose, or if they're breaching licensing agreements by bundling so much free software together and selling it

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Looks like they are selling the hardware (usb drive) which is legal.
I'm guessing LXLE or some other lite distro

Don't do it XD
what @anon85933304 says probably just an USB device.
rather pay 35 dollar for a Raspberry PI and just get a decent cheap pc and get rid of that old junk pc.

i post this here. An app to start Linux from you're android based device.
(it has to have root access)

My guess is they basically charge 10x for a crap stick and say the software is free. ... Yay?!

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The strange thing to me about this would be trying to explain navigating the BIOS/UEFI to the target audience of a prepackaged live USB in addition to disabling secure boot on their computers.

I think this could even go into the false marketing category. That's not a PC but just a USB stick with a Linux distro loaded on. I would've never opened a link to see what that is a listen to two dumb videos to understand that.

Yup, it's a scam. Thing is if you name it "Xtra-PC" that is legally not a statement that you are buying a complete computer. And the video says "takes your old computer and makes it like new" ..... a very trump thing to say, so it will probably sell fucktons of units.

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Looks like a rip off.

They offer a 30 day refund if you are not happy.

It's just going to be a common distro with a theme. Nothing wrong with what they are doing, but I expect the failure rate will be high, due to the usual driver issue or BIOS/UEFI issues. But at $25 I bet a lot of them get sold, barely or never get used and only a small number of people seek a refund.