XSPC 750 Raystorm RS240 with included fans or H100i with 4 SP120 (Quiet)

As the title states,which one would be better,an H100i with 4 SP120 fans (Push pull) or the XSPC Raystorm 750 RS240 with 2 SP120 Quiet edition fans?


id just try the XSPC fans out at first, do you have any way ov changing the fan voltage (fan controller ect...)

I'm currently using A Sabertooth,so the Asus fan speed controler via bios?

If it works with 3 Pin fan headers (which i think it should) then you should be fine, if not i wouldnt get the corsairs id get a nice set (no need for push/pull) of PWM fans and run those.

^+1. For the same cash, or a tad more, you could get Noctuas or gentle typhoons or maybe Geliid wing if you're into pretty lights. And come out way ahead. The Corsair SPs are good fans, but not THAT good.

I'm trying to keep the budget as low as possible.

I think I'll go with the XSPC kit than,I'll wait for a sale on the SP120s or if Noctuas ever drop below $15 (Highly doubt they will) than I'll buy some.

heres a list of a Bunch of Good PWM fans that will fit a 120MM rad and can be found for 15$ or less give or take.

Cougar Vortex, Phanteks PH-F140, Aerocool Shark, Lepa Vortex, Enermax TB silence and Xigmatek AOS.