Xfx 7970 double d or black or ghz?

just a quick question


i'm looking for a 7970/280x card and i found the xfx 7970 double d for €220. but there is a black edition and a ghz edition. is there a big differents? if you oc the double d is it the same card as a ghz edition or a black edition?


i like the 280x toxic as well for €287.

and a 7770 is €80. cf maybe a good thing?


does the 280x come with free games? and the 7970? and the 7770?

Only the 7xxx series comes with games. A 7970/280x will bottleneck the shit out of your CPU, not to mention that your unknown PSU probably doesn't have any power cables for the video card or just one 6 pin, but I'm only speculating after seeing your actual card gt 220.

that's true. gonna buy a new pc :). so even a 7770 will come with free games? that's awesome.

well if you allready planning on building a new pc some day, then it won´t hurt you, if you go for a R9-280X now.

7970 cheaper and the same as a 280x. so i don't see why i need a 280x

280x is a more up-to-date 7970. If you find a good price on the 7970, there's every reason to go for the 7970.

Personally, I would go with the 280x.