Xfx 4870 screen flicker problem resolved :D

Remember me complaining about my 4870 flickering all the time? Probably not, but I did manage to get rid of the flicker and it turns out lots of people with this card (not just XFX model either) have the same problem, and putting the memory clock down to 900MHz stopped the flickering. Although it turns out ATI Catalyst Control Center has an issue with switching between 2D and 3D clocks, so I did what many other people with this issue did and uninstalled CCC and used Rivatuner instead. I can now have it at the best clock speeds again this time without the flicker. Woo :D

How can you be using the card without the CCC? Or is it just the drivers you need?

I overclock my card through the CCC and control my fans via RivaTuner

you can do it in rivatuner aswell but it doesnt matter the card isnt fixed, xfx did a terrible job. The flickering only stops when you put the memory clock to 900Mhz and their BIOS update for this card isn't even for the card even though they say it is. I wouldnt buy an XFX ATI card until they really know what they are doing and I want a nVidia card and I that has put me off XFX anyway

Whats the stock memory clock on that thing?

uh i cant remember. It came factory overclocked, but the clocks when I put it in were 775 on the GPU and 950 on the memory, although i have to downclock the memory to 900 :/

so 950 stock memory clocks