XFCE 4.16 gets dark mode

XFCE 4.16 won’t be released until 2020, but it’ll get dark mode. Relevant commit below.


It’s kind of weird to me that “dark mode” is a thing when GTK adapts pretty well to various theme elements, but I do like me some dark themes. Also happy to see that XFCE development isn’t stalled with regard to features.


I just tried to get a lubuntu into a dark mode but failed to theme the actual windows for filemanager and so on. I remember the same thing being true for XFCE in the past so this is very welcome from my side.

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Completely agree with this. When I used it a few years ago the experience was abysmal. I don’t use that word lightly, “abysmal”. It was abysmal.

Lately, though, especially on Fedora and Ubuntu, it has been a really pleasant experience. They have tweaked their multi-monitor support and made adjusting the toolbar/launcher a lot easier. Their fonts have gotten significantly better as well.

Really happy they have a dark mode and that development is still in the works. Definitely not down and out, which is good to hear in the FOSS world!

I’ve used it off-and-on for ages.

It held it’s own against the oh-so-popular Gnome 2. It’s been interesting to see how MATE and XFCE have each matured. The move to GTK3 made it feel like a serious competitor again.

It’s missing one feature I now depend on: HiDPI display scaling. If they add it and model it after KDE’s display settings…


So far, xfce is the only I got working fully with 6 screens or more on two GPUs with xinerama. Runs like a charm.

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OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo cool cool.