Xeon E5-1620 or i7 3820?

Im building a PC for gaming, and have only now to decide on the CPU. The Xeon 1620 on cpubenchmark edges out the i7 3820 on peformance but this is a benchmark. So do Xeons have any drawbacks when it comes to gaming? I also found out that this Xeon can be OC to 4.5Ghz which would be as high as I would probably go with the 3820. Which one should I get?? 

(They are the same price) 

I did a little reasearch and found no disadvanteges with the Xeon, but I would expect less people to have the Xeon and more people to have the i7; generaly I buy the product that more people have because it is more likely that all the issues will have been worked out.  If there are no unforseen issues, they both seem like great CPUs

I would go with the i7 personally unless its for a work station.  The 3820 can be oced to 4.7 ghz

Xeons won't perform well for gaming, so definitely don't get that.

I would rather get a 3770K as well instead of the 3820. The 3770K should perform better when overclocked. You could always get a 3930K, but it's up to you whether or not you want to spend the money.

Actually the Xeons play games fine.  The 3820 and 3930k are great chips and the only difference in the e5-series xeons is the support for ecc ram and the one thing we all look for is pci 3.0 support which is supported by the xeon procs and not the 3820,3930k, or even the 3960x. What is funny is the xeon procs are comparable on prices too. I can tell you right now if it is gaming you want and want only to game on a 2011 socket stick with either the 3820 if you want pci 2.0 support only or the E5-1620 for the pci 3.0 support and put a couple 670's or 770's in the machine you will not be dissappointed at all. 

newer xeons are actually just fine, that only applies to the really old ones